The antenna is a simple 2 meter half wave dipole. I created a PCB that would accommodate either soldered elements or elements attached via SMA connectors.

They look like the following:


Here is one built up using soldered elements:


The elements consist of copper coated steel wire (.062″) used for welding.  The copper coating makes it possible to solder to a PCB. I initially built the elements slightly long so I could tune it up by trimming.

Luckily, I have access to a network analyzer which I used for testing and tuning. Here it is hanging from the VNA:


and here is the initial scan:


Marker-1 is set to the desired frequency of 144.4 MHz, and marker-2 is set to the initial resonant point which turned out to be approximately 142.0 Mhz.

After trimming, the final results look pretty good for this simple antenna:




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